Design Team Bio’s no. 3.

Marni TelfordMy name is Marni Telford and I am 26. I currently live in Eimeo which is in the Northern Beaches area of Mackay in Queensland with my husband and our two dogs. I am a primary school teacher by trade and love my job but am so passionate about scrapbooking that it’s kind of taken over my life….in a good way though. I have been scrapping now for 4 years and don’t quite remember when it became part of my everyday life but now I can surely say that it is ingrained in my existence and I would not have it any other way. I am truly a scrapper for arts sake. I love the fact that I can do something beautiful with my photos but most of all I love the creativity that pours out of me when I scrap……truth being said I love the process a whole lot more than the final product. I have been published in all of the Australian magazines and won the For Keeps A-Z competition in 2006. I am currently a part of the inspiration team at Aussie Dares and look forward to the journey ahead with all the Paper Pesto girls.

Michelle Perry

“I’m a mum to 2 young boys, and I have been scrapping for 5 years. I started after the birth of my first son, and quickly became obsessed! I’ve had my layouts published in all Aussie Scrapbooking Magazines, and I run the Aussie Pub Calls Web site”.

Celeste Vermeed

Scrapbooking has brought me lots of joy and in more ways than I could have imagined when I bought my first patterned papers! At the time, I had no idea what scrapbooking was, but knew I wanted to create a special album to commemorate the twins time spent in hospital.

Three and half years later, I have my own room in which to create, I am published in magazines, I have a network of scrapping friends, I am a much better photographer, I have a divine digital SLR camera, I am a member of two design teams and I actually have deadlines – for layouts!!

I live and create in a little country town in Victoria called Buninyong, The town is at the foot of a little mountain and I love it! Running my life is my three darling daughters, Hallie, Jemma and Grace. Supporting my life is my darling husband Rod! They obviously are the main sources of inspiration in my scrapping.

The talent that surrounds me on the Paper Pesto Design team is amazing and I am looking forward to getting to know and work with you all!

Dione Evans

I have been addicted to scrapbooking since the first day I tried it about 4 years ago! I have always been creative and I get to bring all of that to my art and I just love that! I am nearly 40, live in Hamilton, work full time on a website and have a degree in Counselling. I am a single parent of 4 quirky and interesting children which makes for lots of photos for scrapping! My eldest is 17, then there are the twins at 15 and my youngest and only son is 11. It is partly because of their ages that I am able to scrapbook as often as I like – usually several days a week. My most common output are 12X12 pages but I have done many mini albums and canvasses too. I have only taught a couple of classes but I really enjoy that. I often complete 5-10 pages a week and don’t bother putting them into albums any longer. My art has really progressed in the last 4 months since I began participating in challenges and competitions online. This has stretched me and encouraged me to try different styles and I have just loved that! I am about to have my first pages published and am so excited about Paper Pesto – and not just because pesto is my favourite food!!

Thanks girls for telling us a little about yourselves!



One Response to Design Team Bio’s no. 3.

  1. Ann says:

    Great bios ladies, it’s nice to learn a bit more about the team.

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