Tag challenge #2 word- PLAY

Hi everybody

This is Tag Challenge installment #2. I had a totally different word sorted, tag half made and all. Then for whatever reason, the word PLAY kept popping up. So I went with the flow and had a great time making a playful/child like tag. I have put a bit of journaling on the back. What it says is so true and, I want to change, I want to play more. With family and friends. My husband and children are a playful bunch, so this should not be too hard. I was raised with a very strong work ethic, a bit too strong and so am in need of balance. This is a nice bonus of the Tag Challenge, I stop and think. Have fun with this word and play, play, play!

You don’t choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can decide how you’re going to live now. Joan Baez

enjoy Fi





One Response to Tag challenge #2 word- PLAY

  1. yaseennz says:

    Oh that’s gorgeous Fi, especially love that Pixie fabric! And what a great motto, I luvvvvvvvvvv playing!

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