Scrap Pink classes

September 30, 2007

Hi everyone,

Here are the projects completed at Scrap Pink this past weekend. All were put together by the four design team members taking the classes, who generously gave their time beforehand and on the day to help out with the fundraiser.

Kelly Slattery’s layout class:


Ilka Adam’s make ‘n take class:


Ann McLachlan’s card class:



Hannah Blair’s make ‘n take class:



Scrap Pink on Sunday!

September 28, 2007


Just wanted to remind everyone about our wonderful event happening at Atomic Coffee Roasters this Sunday in aid of Breast Cancer research and awareness! It’s going to be an incredible day with some fantastic classes and awesome prizes. If you’ve just heard about this now and would like to join in the fun, email me at as we do have a couple of spaces available and we’d love to have you along!

Annelie kindly pointed out that I should probably mention daylight savings too. Clocks go forward an hour Saturday night, so if anyone shows up at 11am Sunday morning thinking it is 10 am we may have to booby prize you! hehehe.

See you there!

xx Kate.

Shine Tag

September 28, 2007

SHINE is the word is the word is the word it’s got groove it’s got fleeling…¬†Sorry, I watched “Grease” with my niece the other day. Took me back in time.

This could be personal, something you want to be conspicuously competent at ( I stole that from the Dictionary) or a tribute to somebody that you think shines.

Or an object that is shining – this can be anything from the sun to a gleaming, clean bathroom ( I don’t have one of them so I had to make it personal).


What a mess!

September 21, 2007

Hi all

I have been saying for a long time that I’m going to sort out my scrap room. Well, it’s not really my scrap space – you see I share my room with the DVD and school bag storage (and what ever else they want to dump). It’s also the family study/computer/art room.

For what ever reason the whole family migrate to this room. Now, when I say the whole family this includes 3 dogs and 1 stray cat that is now ours, 3 children and 1 DH (and once the rabbit and 14 mice came to visit). Thank goodness the horses stay in their paddocks!

So you can see why this space does my head in. It’s not that I don’t like the company, it’s the fact that I’m a mobile scraper and some times I want to walk from one side of my room to the other. And not trip up in the process!

I have posted some pictures. These are the good ones – my pride made me show you only some of the disaster zone.





Playing with dolls

September 18, 2007

Hi everyone

In this, the quieter time between collections, I thought I’d show you something I had a lot of fun with recently. Those of you with a Cricut machine will know how brilliant they are. I haven’t got the Cricut Expressions, but I’m lucky enough to have a Cricut. And recently I managed to borrow a “Paper Dolls” cartridge for a few days. Well, Laura (my youngest) saw it and earmarked the bits and pieces she wanted cut out. I think there was a Post It note on every page. I don’t know who had more fun – me cutting them out, or her playing with the end result. Here are a couple of pictures, taken this evening so the light is terrible, and there’s only a fraction of the things I cut out for her in them. And what’s more I only cut out a small portion of the templates available, and I didn’t even progress to patterned paper. The possibilities are limitless.



Clothes for the dolls can be cut out with tabs on (just like when we were young and only had paper dolls and no Barbies – can you tell I still harbor a sense of deprivation over that one?)

Sadly I had to give the cartridge back, but this is definitely one cartridge I’ll be trying to get when it comes to NZ.


Design Challenge – Full of Inspiration

September 16, 2007

Hi everyone

I’m posting Fiona’s latest tag up today, along with apologies from her regarding its lateness. Fi’s laptop has died – well, its more like in a coma. Luckily Craig, her DH, was able to e-mail the pictures to me from his computer and so here is “Inspire” – what inspires you?




Scrap Pink Update

September 7, 2007

Hi everyone,

Preparations for our upcoming Scrap Pink event are coming along nicely (see our post on August 22 for further details). Here’s the timetable for the day. We only have 5 places available, so if you’ve been considering joining us for a great day out please send an email to to secure a spot.

10.00 Arrive, register, have coffee and a catch up.
10.30 Kelly Slattery’s layout class.
12.30 Lunch
1.15 Ilka Adam’s make ‘n take.
1.45 Ann McLachlan’s card class.
3.00 Hannah Blair’s make ‘n take.
3.30 Afternoon tea.
4.00 Home.

All class materials are supplied, and there’s a gift for everyone attending in addition to some great prizes (the $20 entrance fee goes to the NZ Breast Cancer Research Fund).

Have a great weekend.

xx Kate.