Playing with dolls

Hi everyone

In this, the quieter time between collections, I thought I’d show you something I had a lot of fun with recently. Those of you with a Cricut machine will know how brilliant they are. I haven’t got the Cricut Expressions, but I’m lucky enough to have a Cricut. And recently I managed to borrow a “Paper Dolls” cartridge for a few days. Well, Laura (my youngest) saw it and earmarked the bits and pieces she wanted cut out. I think there was a Post It note on every page. I don’t know who had more fun – me cutting them out, or her playing with the end result. Here are a couple of pictures, taken this evening so the light is terrible, and there’s only a fraction of the things I cut out for her in them. And what’s more I only cut out a small portion of the templates available, and I didn’t even progress to patterned paper. The possibilities are limitless.



Clothes for the dolls can be cut out with tabs on (just like when we were young and only had paper dolls and no Barbies – can you tell I still harbor a sense of deprivation over that one?)

Sadly I had to give the cartridge back, but this is definitely one cartridge I’ll be trying to get when it comes to NZ.



One Response to Playing with dolls

  1. yaseennz says:

    Oh I can imagine how much fun you girls had! These are just so flippin fantastic !

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