What a mess!

Hi all

I have been saying for a long time that I’m going to sort out my scrap room. Well, it’s not really my scrap space – you see I share my room with the DVD and school bag storage (and what ever else they want to dump). It’s also the family study/computer/art room.

For what ever reason the whole family migrate to this room. Now, when I say the whole family this includes 3 dogs and 1 stray cat that is now ours, 3 children and 1 DH (and once the rabbit and 14 mice came to visit). Thank goodness the horses stay in their paddocks!

So you can see why this space does my head in. It’s not that I don’t like the company, it’s the fact that I’m a mobile scraper and some times I want to walk from one side of my room to the other. And not trip up in the process!

I have posted some pictures. These are the good ones – my pride made me show you only some of the disaster zone.






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