Scrap Pink Cupcakes

Hi everyone

I was talking to Fi this morning and she said my cupcake recipe had been asked for. Well, here’s my secret – I cheat. I did actually bake them from scratch last weekend but wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. Oh, they were completely edible, and eat them we did (they’d have to be really bad for me not to eat a cake), but I wanted them to be better. So I resorted to my favourite stand-by (and saviour of cake stalls everywhere) – Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Cake packet mix. Instead of making it up as a cake I put the mixture in cupcake paper patty cases and baked them for about 12 – 14 minutes. My beautiful and gifted assistant, 12 year old Miss Holly, then decorated the cakes for me. We made the icing and she cut the marshmallows with scissors. A friend had recently sent me a picture of some similar cupcakes and I thought it’d be fun to do for Scrap Pink, so Holly and I hope those attending enjoyed them.




5 Responses to Scrap Pink Cupcakes

  1. Hannah says:

    OMG, they were so yummy!! I was very bad and had 2 of them :-0

  2. Ann says:

    I couldn’t resist them and had to try one…yummmm!!!!

  3. Unfortunately I missed out..I was eyeing them up on the way in..thinking I gotta get me one of those babies – but I wasn’t fast enough ;o) I did get my fair share of chocolate brownies, ginger slice & carrots & that DELICIOUS dip!! YUM!! I’ll be adding a betty cockers vanilla cake pack to the groceries tomorrow ;o)

  4. yaseennz says:

    Thank goodness someone else also has ‘rescue cake mixes! *winks*
    They were superyummy thanks Steph I had more than one also! And Holly what a beautiful job you did decorating them – thank you! They were pure eye candy and I sure will steal this idea!

  5. Maria says:

    They are very cute cupcakes. They look delicous. The best thing about packet mixes is that no one can tell unless you tell them!

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