Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy blog, so a lot of the Scrap Pink event has already been covered. But we do have some of the photos of Scrap Pink day to show you:


Kelly taking her gorgeous ‘Living doll’ layout class.


Ilka’s sweet little matchbook make ‘n take class.


Ann- who, would you believe, was very nervous but did an incredible job teaching! We are so proud of you Ann!


Hannah teaching the sweetest little magnetic frame for the fridge class!


Isabella (Kate’s oldest daughter) hard at work. Little chip off the old block she is, she had such a wonderful day!


And last, but not least, our faithful coffee maker taking a much needed break! Thanks Dave, you’re the best!

Fi, Steph and Kate.


5 Responses to SHOTS OF SCRAP PINK

  1. Hannah says:

    Great photos, girls! Dave really deserved those newspaper breaks 😉

  2. Ann says:

    I agree, Dave deserved a break considering all the coffee he made.

    And Isabella is just the sweetest, her ‘original’ projects were adorable.

  3. Gloria says:

    Thanks for a great day on Sunday, really had a wonderfull time.I now have my third layout to add to my folder and have started on another. Must have been all the help Hannah,Ilka and Ann gave me not forgetting the tips from Fi gave me.

  4. It was an awesome day girls! Isabella is the sweetest thing!! So creative ;o)

  5. yaseennz says:

    Cool photos, it was such a fun event!!!

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