Change Tag # 8

We must become the change we want to see.


There is still time to submit your word for a future tag. I would love to hear what word you would like. You know what… everyone who submits a word I will send you a little something because I love giving pressies (no I’m not desperate, I just love to give).





5 Responses to Change Tag # 8

  1. Kate says:

    This is so sweet! I love red and pink together Fi. My word is bliss. Are you going to send me a pressie? lol. xx

  2. yaseennz says:

    Oh that’s a gorgeous tag Fi! And I cannot believe it Kate, I came here with a few words and my first one was..bliss.. LOL! So here’s a few: adore, delight, embrace, fear, grow 0.o

  3. Fiona aka Fi says:

    Kate for you I have the perfect pressie.xx

  4. Ann says:


    How about…. Time, Love or Embrace?

  5. Leila Norton says:

    Love the tags, the whole change thing is huge. I have finished my 7 & 8 tags but we have no proper e-mail connection for the next few days, so will send as and when etc., I’d love to see some more tags people…..

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