Tag #9

Hi Everybody

This tags word is BLISS. It was hard to chose something that is “bliss” to me because I am blessed. But the first thing that I thought of was me time. Ahhhh – me time. This would be great right now. As I write this I have four children trying to get ready for Trick or Treat (we have friends’ houses set up to go to). But first people are coming to our house shortly and it is not people ready – really not people ready. Then we are off to the Intermediate School’s “Battle of the Bands” competition.

Wish me luck with getting them up in the morning!

Thanks to all of you who joined in the tag word. I will draw a word for each new tag till I have used up all your words. Karen could you please email me your postal address ( fiona.newth@paperpesto.co.nz). Everyone else, I have your addresses. So keep your eyes peeled for the Postie.

Enjoy what life has to offer,




This was Kate’s word, so I asked her for a photo of a cup of coffee. Of course Dave had the perfect pic. Thanks Dave. I think journaling is clear enough to read.


3 Responses to Tag #9

  1. Penny says:

    *slurps that coffee* I am in perfect agreement with your tag sentiment!

  2. Leila Norton says:

    fabulous coffee pic. I am a long black drinker however Ive always loved those swirly shapes a barista can magic onto the cup

  3. Kate says:

    lol that’s Dave and his ”Latte Art” Leila! I think that one is called a Rosetta. xx Kate.

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