Advent calendars

In previous years I’ve always bought those licenced advent calendars from the supermarket – the ones with the smidgen of chocolate in each teeny plastic mould. So this year I decided I’d make them for the family, and made the mistake of asking Laura (my youngest) what she’d like. Of course she didn’t want any of the Christmas themed papers I presented her with, nor the layout I wanted to go for. But at the end of the day she has an advent calendar that she helped design and make, and that’s what it’s about.


Laura painted the edges of a 12″ x 12″ canvas pink and chose some Basic Grey Romani paper for the background. She then chose some co-ordinating Bazzill colours, which we cut into flower topped boxes using the Cricut, topped with numbers and adhered to the canvas using sticky velcro. In each box is a Roses chocolate – Laura went through a box and picked out all the good ones, I mean, all her favourites.

Didn’t take long, and she enjoyed being part of the process. I’ve also made one for my husband, once again in non-traditional Christmas colours. I’m afraid his was slapped together in record time, and was made by tying the chocolates onto tags. It was a case of getting it done or once again he’d be stuck with a “Shrek” or “Cars” advent calendar.

barrys-advent-calendar2.jpg barrys-advent-calendar3.jpg

I dunno how pleased Barry will be once he discovers they’re not in sequential order (hee hee). Despite loving chocolate (I practically live on the stuff) I’ve never been one for indulging so early in the mornings, which is when the others have theirs.  But maybe the odd nibble of Roses chocolates before breakfast is on the cards this year.



3 Responses to Advent calendars

  1. Kate says:

    This is gorgeous Steph and so nice for you and Laura to do together! That is so funny that Barry has to have one too!!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Those calendars are so great, Steph!! What a cool idea – and I’m sure the Roses chocolates will taste much yummier than that weird-tasting chocolate in the commercial advent calendars! 🙂

  3. Shell says:

    Love the idea of making your own advent calendar!!! They look gorgeous too 🙂

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