Tinsel Town Advent Trees

These are fun and quick to make . Take one polystyrene cone, glue a tinsel garland around and around it working your way to the top. Paint a polystyrene star and attach it to the top off the tree with a tooth pick. Write the numbers 1 to 24 on small tags (I used jewelery tags). Take a Roses chocolate or wrapped lolly and pin it on to the tree with one of the numbered tags. Repeat this process till all the tags are used. I found some cool star pins at Spotlight. You could also put some little decorations onto your tree. If you wish you could use feather boas or greenery (vines) instead of tinsel garlands. Then the lucky person who is the recipient of the tree gets to have a chocolate a day till Christmas. I ate so many chocolates making these. I had to do that trick of drinking water and eating something savoury and only then I could eat some more chocolate. How many of you do this trick? I can’t be the only nut out there.


There’s one for each of the children:



No, I haven’t been drinking – the mantel has a curve.

Happy Creating. Fi.


2 Responses to Tinsel Town Advent Trees

  1. Steph says:

    These are just gorgeous Fi. I am so gonna copy these.

  2. Ann says:

    Oh Wow Fi….these are just fantastic!
    Might have to borrow your idea for next christmas….. 😉

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