Let’s celebrate!

As I write this we have 14 hits to go until we reach the grand total of 20,000.

So I’m thinking at some stage today we will get there and it feels pretty good. Starting Paper Pesto has been an amazing experience for Fi, Steph and I and a very full on 6 months!

They don’t know I’m writing this ( I often do things without consultation and boy does it drive them crazy!) but I thought they wouldn’t mind when they see what I write next.

I just wanted to thank Steph and Fi for putting up with all my big and mostly ridiculous ideas, my being more than slightly hopeless when it comes to the getting important stuff done part, and for not giving up on me yet!

I am so proud of what we have achieved so far and I hope it continues well into the future. That’s where you guys come in. Without our customers and readers of this blog there would be nothing to inspire us into creating the best damn kits around! (OK so I’m a little biased).

So I made a set of 6 Christmas cards using the Rhonna Farrer papers from our December Kit and I thought somebody might like them? There’s nothing like a handmade card to make someone’s day and with this being such a crazy time of year you may not have time to make dozens of your own.

So leave a comment and tell me who you would send your 6 cards to if you won and they could be coming to your place!

xx Kate.


9 Responses to Let’s celebrate!

  1. fifiscrapz says:

    Hi Kate You guys are definetely doing an awesome job creating these kits and I am certainly looking forward to getting more in the future. As for the cards I would send them to the following
    1. My mum and Dad who have moved to Oz this year so wont be spending Xmas with them
    2,3,4 My sisters who will all be away this year for xmas too.
    5 My Brother and his Family in Oz as well.
    6. My father in law who will be spending some of Xmas day with us.

    As you can see we are having a quite Xmas. So I might have time to scrap some more with some of my scrapping pressies from Santa. Though I want to get on to use my November Kit as a mini album of my wedding 11years ago – I havent used any of that beautiful kit and I havent been brave enough to do my wedding album yet.

  2. Steph says:

    Kate – such lovely comments about us! Fi, Kate and I have now reached the stage where we’re running PP like a well-oiled machine, most of the time, and each of us has a different role and part which we play. Lose one and the whole thing wouldn’t function nearly as well. Kate brings an energy to the group I know I’m sometimes lacking, and it was her idea to do the blog in the first place. I thought “yeah, if you want to” but having no idea how to set up one, let alone post anything up, it feel into Kate’s hands to organise. I think she’s done a brilliant job, and the 20,000 + hits is a credit to her vision, ideas and efforts in the first place.

    (If anything Kate and Fi have to put up with me. I’m always telling them we can’t afford to do things or reining in their fabulous ideas – it’s not much fun being the number cruncher sometimes).

    PS I’m not angling for the cards here, not that I wouldn’t like them, but it’s kinda like “employees of the company and their families may not enter” 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I just wanted to say a huge congrats on the 20,000+ hits!! You guys have done so amazingly well, launching this new business and you should be very proud! All 3 of you are wonderfully talented girls and I know you’re going to take PP far!!

  4. Shell says:

    Well done girls 🙂 The counter is definitely over the 20,000 now!!! I’ve only been watching your blog for the last few months (thanks to a link from Hannah) and I’m loving it! You’ve got a real winner on your hands!!

    As for the 6 cards… as much as I’d love to win them I’ve just about finished my cards for this Christmas (been a busy beaver the last few weeks)! Well done again girls 🙂

  5. Penny says:

    I must say that since I saw the first kits at SENZ I’ve been keeping my eye on what you’re doing and I’ve been impressed with the kits you’re producing. 🙂

    Like Shell I’ve pretty much done my cards for this year but if I did win them I’d save them for next year… and send them to my overseas friends 🙂

  6. Linda says:

    20,000 hits, whew! How I love reading them and hearing what wonderful things others have been up to. Paper Pesto has filled a real gap in the scrapbooking arena and it seems you only go from strength to strength. The website is well worth looking at anytime and full of great inspiration.
    Christmas cards all completed and ready to send, what a treat for someone with all the best of intentions, I would promise i wouldn’t say I had made them….i’d send them to my special friends.

  7. Fiona aka Fi says:

    20,000 hits…. thanks to you all out there, and of course all of the hits from us seeing what you are saying. I get a buzz out of popping onto this blog and seeing what you have to say. We feel supported, encouraged, and it’s great to have so many kindred sprits out there
    What a nice suprise to check out the blog and find that post from you Kate.
    I love working with you girls, and value the friendship we have. Paper Pesto has been an awesome venture and I am lucky to have you two along side me. We make a great team.
    Love you both

  8. Fiona aka Fi says:

    PS If I won your cards. (Bugger about been in the company and all) I would send one to each of you ( Steph and Kate) If you want Kate I could leave yours blank so you could then send it to some one else ( my brother would be proud of me doing something good for the enviroment) Then I would send one to my friend Libby because she loves cards and told me off in the nicest possable way, for not sending her any. And we all know you need to seen hand made things only to the people who appreciate them. The others I would give to each of the childrens teachers because they are special people who have done an amazing job.

  9. Ann says:

    Huge congrats on passing the 20,000 hits mark ladies.

    You are all remarkable and have built a wonderful business which i’m sure will continue to grow and prosper…..congrats to you all 🙂

    And i’m with Fi…..
    Those cards are gorgeous, i’m sure i could give them a good home….lol 😉

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