The Paper Pesto Team – These Are a Few of our Favourite Things

While we wait for the February sneak peeks to be posted on 23 January, here’s a few of the things Fi, Kate and Steph use, peruse and love.

Must-Have Tool

Fi Fiskars micro tipped scissors – when I worked in a scrapbooking shop I sold heaps of these, just love them.

Kate Small tipped scissors – I am addicted to cutting things out.

Steph My computer. Editing photos, journaling, effects….still learning the basics but my kids help me out.

Favourite Adhesive

Fi Photo tabs for photos and Scotch Quick Dry for most of the other jobs.

Kate Scotch Quick Dry adhesive, I use it for everything, photo tabs take too long!

Steph Glue dots – their strength belies their size.

Favourite Photo Paper/Developer

Fi I am still going to my photo lab down the road (can you see who is the least techno out of us all)?

Kate I have used Digital Max in the past with no problems.

Steph DSE (Dick Smith Electronics) Deluxe Glossy Photo Paper, 170 gsm is a great budget option with excellent results. For special occasions I use the 230gsm paper.

Favourite Budget Scrapbooking item

Fi Tags of new clothing, fabric from old clothes.

Kate One piece of double-sided patterned paper can go a long way.

Steph The free cardstock you accumulate put to good use with a Cuttlebug. And I love embossing with the Cuttlebug.

Favourite Scrapbooker

Fi Does it have to be just one or can I have all of our DT? No seriously.

Kate It changes regularly, but right now its French scrapper Celine Navarro.

Steph Cathy Zielske – clean and simple scrapbooking personified.

Favourite Magazine

Fi For Keeps Creative Scrapbooking.

Kate Scrapbook Creations/For keeps.

Steph Simple Scrapbooks – can you tell my preferred style of scrapping?

Favourite Paper Pesto Collection to date

Fi The first one we did ( Free Spirit) because this was the start of Paper Pesto so holds the most memories for me.

Kate Umm it’s hard to say… the December kit Merry and Bright was pure eye candy and I do love Christmas. Can I add the upcoming February kit has to top the lot for me so far, just wait till you see it!

Steph The September Deluxe Spring Boulevard kit featuring Scenic Route Ashville and Sumner papers. Gorgeous colours combined with simple, bold patterns.


4 Responses to The Paper Pesto Team – These Are a Few of our Favourite Things

  1. Shell says:

    Loved reading this post… and I am so with you on the Scotch Quick Dry!!!

  2. Hannah says:

    I also loved reading this!! I have never used the Scotch Quick Dry (I’m a true-blue Tombow girl) but I may have to try it seeing you all love it so much! 🙂

  3. yaseennz says:

    Enjoyed reading your list! I love scotch products too, am a glue stick gal – so cheap;p but use their other stuff too. I had my scotch dry once pop open – the white bit just exploded out and glue all over me;p Washed out pretty well though;p And better me than my page eh;p

  4. Fiona aka Fi says:

    Kate and I have had that happen to us. The trick is while you are useing it after application, place the glue bottle on it’s side,then you don’t have to wait for the glue to come back down the bottle for the next application and it keeps the glue in the tip moist. Then you must put your lid back on tight when you have finished and store it lid down. I’ve never had a problem with mine now that I do this.

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