An ode to Scrapbooking by Kate Tobeck

Here’s another clue about our upcoming Feb kit. A little poem I wrote as the first part of the kit description. Lol.

‘An ode to Scrapbooking’

How do I love thee, let me count the ways,
it’s never hard with Scenic Route to brighten up my days,
Making Memories, Sassafrass, Carolee’s Creations,
a stunning and delightful list to further my temptations.
Imaginisce and Heidi Swapp, embellishments galore,
and words enough to say the things you’ve never said before.

What do you think? Future Shakespeare? I think not but it was fun!

More photo’s to come tomorrow.

xx Kate.


9 Responses to An ode to Scrapbooking by Kate Tobeck

  1. Hannah says:

    Love the poem, Kate! You might have a regular gig … writing descriptions of all the kit content! 🙂

  2. kate says:

    LOL thanks Hannah, yeah it usually is me writing them, I’ve just never done it in the form of a poem before!

  3. Ann says:

    That’s awesome Kate!

  4. Deirdre Heath says:

    Sounds very sweet! Cant wait to see whats up your sleeve 🙂

  5. yaseennz says:

    *chuckles* nice one Kate!

  6. Fiona aka Fi says:

    You can see why we usually leave it up to Kate to do the kit descriptions, Steph is good at it too. Me…. well lets put it this way, I have never done one, infact I dont think I’ve even named a collection.

  7. Donna says:

    LOL, I needed you a few days ago when I had to dream up a poem. I went with the freestyle version…
    I think my kids would have been way more impressed with your lovely rhymes:)

  8. Beverley Cunningham says:

    Hi great poem kate and thanks guys for putting me on the great blogs list. The new kit looks awesome as usual I love it . Now I have got to do more creating with the January kit.

  9. Douglas says:

    Hi, I read your poem. It is excellent.I am very much impressed on scrapbooking through your poem. That is really awesome. I got one site in my searching on scrapbooking. You can get more stuff from that site.

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