SCKC needs your help!

Can you make up some simple 6×6 pages for a good cause?

SCKC stands for Southern Cross Kids Camp which is held in Australia in April for ‘at risk’ kids yearly. The wonderful buddies on the camp make up 20 page albums with all the kids photo’s and memories from camp for them to take home and cherish. It brings a smile to their face and a tear to their eye. For some kids these will be the only photo’s taken of them for an entire year.

This year there are 80 kids who need 20 pages each -a whopping 1600 pages.

This Page Drive is being held by the wonderful Julie Stone and supported here in NZ by the exquisite Trina McClune and the brilliant Nic Howard.

For each set of 8 pages you send Trina or Nic(although they will accept any amount) they will enter you in the draw for some great prizes including one from us.

So go take a look at their blogs and find out how you may be able to help this very worthy cause!

xx Kate, Steph and Fi.


2 Responses to SCKC needs your help!

  1. Julie Stone says:

    Hey Kate, Steph and Fiona,

    Thank you so very much for supporting SCKC!

    My appeal started out small and not very hopeful, I had no idea that it would grow so big!

    I truly hope through my Blog, everyone that has so selflessly offered help, truly realizes that by helping, they are making a huge difference, aiding in the transformation of how these children perceive themselves and anchoring via the albums the caring, fun filled week camp is, to their deserving young hearts.

    So ladies THANK YOU, for your contribution, you are helping hugely to make a difference!


  2. trina says:

    Yahooooooo you guys for being so generous! Love ya!

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