Easter Giveaway

Happy Easter everyone,

In honour of this special time of year we’d like to offer up a 10 piece Patterned Paper pack to one reader of this blog. This pack will feature some gorgeous papers as seen in some of our previous kits from a variety of different manufacturers.
Just leave a comment on this blog telling us how your family has celebrated Easter this year. Did you go camping to your favourite family spot? Did you have a quiet weekend at home with lots of chocolate? Did you get any scrapping done?
We’d love to hear what happened at your place! I will announce the winner on Wednesday the 26th.

The first sneak peak of our very sophisticated April Kit will go up this afternoon.

xx Kate, Steph and Fi.


26 Responses to Easter Giveaway

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi girls!! Aren’t we just having some lovely weather this weekend here in Auckland. We are hanging out around the house as we did a bit of a road trip last weekend. With the masses of people heading out of Auckland for long weekends it’s nice to just chill out here. I’ve done some gardening, some scrapping, and I should do some studying… but I would much rather just chill out with the family and in the sun.

    I would LOVE to get my hands on some more Paper Pesto goodies… and oooooo I will be watching out for the April preview later on.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  2. cindy says:

    Ooooh can’t wait for the sneaky peak! I have had a lovely weekend – family, friends, chocolate and crafty stuff (and 4 days off work)! Life doesn’t get any better!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    So far my weekend has been quiet, with too much chocolate! But that is about to change. Our neighbours , with whom we share a right-of-way, are having their housewarming today, from 2pm till very late with a hangi, bouncy castle, marquee and a band! We figure that since we wont be getting much sleep we may as well join the party! With this stunning weather it should be a good night.

  4. we are having a quite Easter not a lot of chocolate and we haven’t gone away. Just as well as my poor big boy got a tummy bug this morning and is sick and he hasn’t had any easter eggs yet what a thing to happen on Easter for anyone let alone a child. we were going to have a day at MOTAT. I hope everyone has a great Easter.

  5. Leanne says:

    We celebrate Easter at home ~just the 3 of us. We had an egg hunt this morning, and that rascally Easter Bunny left footprints (cornflour) all over the house!!

  6. sandra mason says:

    We drove to Napier yesterday to see grandbabies (all 4 of them) shared chocolate and squeaky chicken toys for the little ones.
    Today is chocolate and visiting grandparents, lots of fun.
    No scrapping but lots of photos taken

  7. Vicki says:

    At home as well. Done lots of gardening on Friday, scrapping yesterday as it was a bit cold & drizzley and today we have been and sussed out a dog show to check out which dog we want.

    Have done the chocolate but not overdone it and my daughter surprised us with one last night after she finished work. A good weekend really.

  8. tanyaleigh says:

    We have had a very quite Easter with just Noah. Jarrod and Leigh are with their Dad and Neils boys are with their Mum. Bit of a shame with didn’t get to spend Easter with the whole family but it has been ok anyway. Just taking it easy and doing some scrapping.

  9. bunnyb says:

    We’re having a lovely weekend as we went to a wedding last night, and today we’re staying in with chocs! 🙂

  10. Penny says:

    We stayed at home too – can’t bear the thought of all that traffic! We’ve finished putting in the vanity in our bathroom, weeded the garden and put some more plants in. I’ve done 1 page so far, got more planned and I’ve made some felt food. A sushi, a cupcake and a carrot! LOL! Hopefully will make some more. Fun for the kids.
    Eating chocolate and enjoying my library books. So nice to have DH home as well 🙂

  11. Christine C says:

    Well, we had a quite one at home – DH working so I did some gardening and card making intermingled with chocolates, yummmy. Its been very relaxing just what the doctor ordered.

  12. Easter isn’t celebrated in Malaysia like NZ, so there isn’t the huge displays of choc easter stuff in every supermarket (probably a good thing in my case!). Mum did send me some choc eggs from NZ, but they got rather squashed and a bit melted in transit! (still edible though!!) 🙂 My husband had Thursday off (someone’s BD!) so that was good – and we have bought a new toy … a canon printer MP610 so I am REALLY looking forward to getting that set up. Thanks Kate for your lovely comments about our kids on my blog too … very sweet of you (we think so too, but then parents are allowed to aren’t they?) 🙂 Cheers Rachel

  13. Janine says:

    I celebrated my birthday on Good Friday, a bit odd really having the two ocassions on one day, never the less my long weekend has been spent relaxing, eating hot cross buns, drinking birthday bubbles and doing some scrapping and study.

  14. Pia says:

    We have been at home. We have a lot of snow here in Norway, so we have been outside skiing a lot. The children also love to be ouside digging caves in the snow. We have also decorated eggs.

  15. Beverley says:

    We’ve done the eggs, buns, chocolate, roast dinner – all very food related really. Went to church this morning and took a long walk this afternoon to work off some of that chocolate.

  16. Delys Cram says:

    Eating chocolate, gardening and scrapping..my kind of weekend!
    …seriously just having a muck around weekend a bit of gardening, catching up with my sister and scrapping.

  17. Ginnie says:

    Quiet weekend here too. Worked out in the yard some yesterday; enjoyed my granddaughter. Church this morning; piddling on the computer now. Getting ready to take a nap!


  18. MoonMaiden says:

    We quiet weekend at home with lots of chocolate 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  19. Shell says:

    Love all the Paper Pesto goodies so had to leave you a comment 🙂 We’re back into our D.I.Y. again – this time it’s a bedroom! I’ve managed to fit in a bit of scrapping time and we’ve had a catch up with family! Love the long weekend and the chance to get lots of bit and pieces done 😀

  20. Ann says:

    We went to the easter show and have had lots of visitors over the weekend.
    The children enjoyed lots of goodies from the easter bunny today 😉

    I hope you are all having a great weekend with your families.

  21. Rachel says:

    Happy Easter Everyone
    we had family stay from down the line and had one lovely day at the and the rest of the weekend was full of vomitng , high temps and other gross stuff!!! my poor son was so excited about the the big bunny coming and getting all his chocolate..i bet hes the only six year old in his class still with a huge stash of un opened choccy eggs….he couldn’t even get off the sofa for the egg hunt….so he and i slept a lot!!! then we consoled each other – he missed out on going to the airport and me scrapping!!! misery loves misery!!
    on a happy note, next months kit looks great!!

  22. Rachel says:

    ….our one great day was a the ZOO….such a fab place!!

  23. nikki says:

    Family the best word used to discribe our easter. For the first time my girls where able to share easter eggs and time with there 2 boy cousions. And for me it was the first easter after 12 years to spead quailty time with my sister. It was a very special easter for our family. Oh and we also have a great feed of crayfish that my husband caught for us all!!!! Jealious??

  24. Happy Belated Easter Paper Pesto Team….Our Easter was great as we got to spend 4 days doing fun things as a family! We really cherish our family time together. Between the Easter show, gardening, visiting great friends and shopping it was an awesome time!

  25. Gloria says:

    With our house move Easter was neally forgotten in our house. But we did get the easter bunny unpacked and easter eggs found their way into his basket ready for miss Cait’s and Steph when they came to see the new house.

  26. We had the crappiest Easter ever… We were all sick with a tummy bug!!! We spent the weekend lying on the couch looking out on the beautiful Auckland weather! Although, babies don’t understand the “resting while you are sick” part, so she wanted her normal attention and playtime… 🙂 So, pretty bad, but we’re on our way up now!!!


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