Freebie winner -Sunday 4th May

Is ……

Vanessa Mackereth!

who said…

Recently I forgot that the tooth fairy needed to come visting one night as my son Caleb had lost another tooth! Unfortunatley the Tooth Fairy must have been very busy as she did not arrive the first night and said tooth was also lost! So with a note to the tooth fairy written and placed under the pillow, the tooth fairy forgot a second time!!!!

Vanessa, please email me ( with your address and we will get that yummy little prize out to you!

Till next week,

The PP crew.


2 Responses to Freebie winner -Sunday 4th May

  1. yaseennz says:

    Congrats Vanessa and enjoy the prize! Woaaa those toothfairies were they on strike?;p

  2. Vanessa Mackereth says:

    Thanks guys! Will enjoy using these goodies!
    You will be happy to know the tooth fairy finally arrived and left a wee note explaining she was in high demand lately with the school holidays on and had sent in a search party to find the tooth in said childs bedroom and managed to find it! Thus paying for the tooth and making the child extremly happy!

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