Happy mother’s day!!

To all the mother’s out there reading this, have a fabulous day, you deserve it!

Rachel R your day just got a little better as you have won our Friday Freebie!! I will email you.

Here’s what my mum is getting:

All the wrapping paper we had said either happy birthday or merry christmas so I got creative! I pulled out some patterned paper(Fancy Pants), wrapped it (a nice box of choccies) and made a matching card.

See you all tomorrow,

xx Kate.


2 Responses to Happy mother’s day!!

  1. Rachel says:

    WOW…thanks so much, love your box of chocs……can’t beat chocolate for a pressie…the kids chose and huge box for me and while DH was at the gym we sat on the sofa watching weird cartoons and ate the lot for breakfast!!!!! Cullen (6) thought of his dad and put some in his pj pocket for him later !!!
    hope you all had a lovely day and got spoilt too!! i had an afternoon snooze which was worth a million dollars!!!! how lazy!!! Rxxxxx thanks heaps

  2. Vanessa Mackereth says:

    Awesome Rach, glad to see your Mothers day was a hit and to top it off you scored some extra product! I recieved breakfast in bed and a new Coffee Machine, soooo lucky! Hope all you Mums had a great day!

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