Passages of Time – Hannah Blair

Here’s another beautiful layout by Hannah of her wedding. Really like how she’s cleverly used the 2 of hearts card – an everyday object but not only does it suit the page, it has real meaning in the context of this layout. And I can just hear the boys giggling at her P.D.O.A.

And finally from Hannah this month is another layout from her travels – this one to Philidelphia. Hannah’s used the vintage paper to great effect, “aging” it even further and placing it behind the photographs on the layout, capturing the mood of the history of the city, but with a modern, fun perspective.

Steph, Fi and Kate


3 Responses to Passages of Time – Hannah Blair

  1. Sue Smith says:

    Wow Hannah! These layouts are just stunning! So much detail. I just want to keep looking at them to see what else is hiding there. Very cool!

  2. Paula says:

    Very versatile papers, they cover quite a range of subjects & the pages are stunning.

  3. yaseennz says:

    Gorgeous work Hannah! What a beautiful bride you made 🙂

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