Friday Freebie – Studio K Tag Books

Good morning everyone

Today’s Friday Freebie consists of two very cute Studio K Tag books, and some flowers and tags to help you decorate them.

To be in the draw to win please leave a comment here telling us what your favourite school holiday activity is by 9pm on Sunday evening. If you don’t have kids or don’t get to spend the holidays with them, just leave a comment and make us jealous. Actually, I love the holidays, but some days are definitely better than others…..

Steph, Fi and Kate


21 Responses to Friday Freebie – Studio K Tag Books

  1. Nancy says:

    My kids are well grown up but you know what the grandsons really love to do? Play that good old game Boggle which we found in the storage area so second generation now! Also the card game UNO. These games are suitable for all ages and are also learning tools. Boys are 9 and 6.

  2. rach says:

    i love the holildays……i love not having a routine for a few days and hanging out with the kids (3,4,6)…..and doing things last minute…..they are loving catching up with friends, sleepovers and PLAYING with their toys!!!!!!we kinda hang in our pj’s for too long too!!!! Late LAZY mornings that are turning into afternoons!!!esp with this cold weather….we have been to the zoo, ten pin, lots of crafty stuff and we are so hanging out to see Kung FU Panda!!!! it all good!! Rxxx

  3. gaye says:

    I love the school holidays!!
    No getting out the door for school in am…no after school activities….great to have the ‘break’… we have traditions we seem to have established with Miss 5 and Miss 8..court theatre shows and the trip into the city are a highlight… this holiday the we are packing for a week Skiing at Lake Tekapo!!!Gotta have the savs in thermos with bread and tomato sauce!!!

  4. kellie says:

    hi, I like taking our kids to our local craft shop where they get to do craft lessons for an hour for only $10. Also, our local shopping mall usually has a craft activity for the kids to do and they get a free icecream voucher each afterwards. The parents get a free coffee voucher!

  5. mumscrap says:

    my poor boys have been asking me to scrap, bead or paint with them all week and I haven’t had time! Oh the guilt of hte working from home mother 😦 We have had two bouts of vomiting and temps so lets hope next week has less bugs, less work and more fun itme in it. Thakfully I don’t have guilt about lots of dvd’s when its raining! andrea F.

  6. Christine C says:

    No kids in this house so holidays are planned to not be during school holidays – cheaper flights, cheaper accom, and no fighting for space on the beach or at the bar – oh and no early nights to look after the kids – jealous yet?!?!?!

  7. Marcia says:

    School holidays are fun when you are granny, I get to see the latest kids movie, play pretend games and scrap with my lovely grandaugter Niamh aged 8

  8. Dana says:

    no kids either, School holidays, hmm its quieter on the way to work! only half as much traffic, and the hairdressers is so much more amusing during school holidays- the kids are running around driving parents nuts, and i always manage at least one laugh from the stressed parents 😀

  9. scrappysue says:

    we actually did our favourite holiday activity today! movie afternoon (at home). home-made snack boxes with fizz, popcorn, candy bars. rented movie and blankets on the floor. home-made tickets (from scrapping supplies!) AND they even clipped with a single hole punch!

  10. Lianne says:

    No kids here either, so working through the school holidays. I’d rather be scrapping though.

  11. Jane says:

    Smooching around in your pj’s baking muffins .
    So far we have been to the pools and tenpin bowling had friends over for sleepovers.Just getting to relax and do stuff together I love school holiday’s.

  12. Cindy says:

    Being a mum who works full time as well the holidays are great (not only for spending time with the kids when I manage to have holidays as well) because it is two weeks of no school lunches, no uniforms needing to be laundered, no nagging over homework! Bliss!

  13. Bron Heslop says:

    We love the holidays too – no kindy for a couple of weeks.
    My boys love to catch the ferry to the city, then catch a train….. to anywhere! Lunch at either end is an added treat, before the ferry home again so the baby can sleep for the afternoon.

  14. Denise A says:

    I love to watch children interact with adults during school holidays whether it be at the movies or at the zoo or even shopping viewing these bring back my memories of my time with parents when growing up. I do not have children but love to see adults spend time with their children during the holidays…children grow so quickly; by the time they reach teenagers they do not want to been seen around us old folks…so you adults with young ones create memories for your children as they will then look back fondly on their time with you during holidays.

  15. carol says:

    when my kids were young they loved going to there auntys to stay as she lived on a farm,there other fav was going to the movies.

  16. dallasnz says:

    My favourite holiday activity – hmm, staying in pjs all day and watching movies!

  17. Leila says:

    My lovely daughter is now away at uni and in her second year, flatting and learning how to really make her own way – with a little help.. It makes all the laughter, hassles, frustrations and hair pulling moments worthwhile. As a working Mum my daughter had a big share of school holiday programmes -(something she swears she won’t inflict on her children) so our times together now are very special indeed.

  18. sandra mason says:

    We usually (and did today) go to Napier to see step daughters and their babies. Fantastic weather in Napier. 2nd week of the holidays we will be going to the pools, visiting, and general chillin out

  19. Rachel says:

    School holidays haven’t started here yet … another couple of weeks away. We plan to go to the park a few times and feed the turtles, watch the monkeys do silly things on the fence and I get to watch my son (nearly 3) get very hot and sweaty on the playground!

  20. Melanie says:

    I love the fact that I can fit heaps more scrapbooking in! Kids settle down with an activity and I settle down with some scrapbooking. I also love spending more time just chilling with the boys. No rushing, no school lunches, and no homework!

  21. Sue Smith says:

    All my kids have left home, but I used to love the holidays because there were no routines, after school sports practices and no cold winter early a.m starts on Saturday to get to the North Shore for sports.

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