Friday Freebie!!

Here’s a question for you all, do you use your scrappy paper and bits leftover from layouts to make cards? Or does it all get shoved in ‘that draw’ for a ‘just in case I need it later’ moment?

I know it’s the second question that sums me up but I’d love to be more resourceful with my scraps!

Here’s the prize for this weeks giveaway courtesy of Paper Pesto. Just leave a comment by Sunday night, 8pm to be in the draw.

An embellishment pack from our January kit, label stickers and a fluer de lis foam stamp.

Have a great weekend everyone!

xx The PP girls.


33 Responses to Friday Freebie!!

  1. julie says:

    I love making cards so my left overs from layouts get kept and used.

  2. Nicole says:

    Yes I always use my scraps. When I do a lo with them I always get more comments on my work when I put it up in my LSS forum.

  3. scrappysue says:

    not too many chances of winning 2 weeks in a row, but you never know! i have around 9 A4 zip log bags that live in a larger bag; each bag containing scraps (patterned and plain). i always try to use scraps for cards.

    my flower supply is depleted after a week of taking craft classes at the local intermediate – they look great!

    have a great weekend everyone!

  4. Penny says:

    Definitely keep them for cards. And for kids who want to Cuttle bug or stamp while I’m doing stuff. I periodically go through my scrap clear file folder and give a bunch to the kindy who use it for collage and stuff.

  5. fifiscrapz says:

    My leftovers have been going in a plastic basket and did a sort out the other day but now messed up again I really should do some cards got enough scraps to do HUNDREDS.

  6. Gloria says:

    I keep every thing . Just might need it one day. Then it is to find the time to use it.

  7. Rachel says:

    I keep every little bit of scrap (how sad is that!!). Use them for cards and LO’s. But recently I’ve found it really handy when Aaron is snooping around! I give him a pile of bits and pieces and he thinks he’s a King hee hee. I should really colour sort them I suppose, but it’s fun digging for just the right bit! πŸ˜€

  8. keamac says:

    I keep any reasonable size (1inch square or more) scraps in a big wicker basket under my desk. I use them for ATC cards, circle journals & card making.

  9. sandra mason says:

    I keep all my scraps and the used for 1 of 2 things – card making or for the kids crafts. Although younger daughter scrapbooks too and often comes looking for new bits and pieces to use

  10. gaye says:

    i keep all my scraps too. they either get used for LOs or cards or the kids use them!

  11. Trace Geworsky says:

    I put all of my leftover paper scraps into a pizza box and then when I am working on a layout, card or altered item, I can pick and choose if anything is right for that specific creation.
    Trace G

  12. Bron Heslop says:

    I save all my scraps in a bag, and then use them in the Cuttlebug, or for cards (which I’ve just started making – I’m hooked!!) πŸ™‚

  13. Sue Smith says:

    I am a hoarder! I have 2 drawers for scraps – one for PP and one for cardstock. I use some for cards and on layouts, but tend to accumulate it faster than using it!

  14. Kristen Sparkes says:

    Having a small house , i can’t afford to hold onto the left-overs… but sometimes you just can’t let go!! he he heh

  15. Vicki says:

    Have it all sorted into plain and patterned scraps and try to use it on layouts as I don’t “do” cards.

  16. Ann says:

    All of my scraps get “filed” according to colour in see through folders, i never seem to find the time to make cards!

  17. yaseennz says:

    I have one little A4 drawer where paper gets ‘shuffed’ into;p Every now and again I find the time to sort them by colour into the Lshaped clear folders that live in another drawer.
    I do use them for cards and LO’s. Having said that though I hardly get to make cards at home. But I often donate the contents of the folders to work. We make quite a lot of cards at work cause the guys just love giving away cards.

  18. Christine C says:

    I have an accordian file that I pop all my scraps into – each part is a different colour which helps me use it more. I try to use this up for cards etc.
    Thanks for the chance to win – I love those journalling stickers.

  19. kellie says:

    I put them in a particular place and use them for cards or whenever I need a small piece and don’t want to start a new piece of paper/card. They are also great for when the kids are doing craft and try to raid my stash!

  20. nztreasure says:

    The scrap s get used – sometime son layout son cards, sometimes the colour will be perfect for a title cut on the wishblade, sometimes the kids will raid them. :o)

  21. Lianne says:

    I often put them aside to use later

  22. Tracy says:

    I used some today and made a card with them, this doesn’t happen regularly, but it does happen!

  23. Marcia says:

    Sometimes I make cards, or try and use them for a page or box then up and pass them on to a friend of mine.

  24. Nancy says:

    I certainly keep my offcuts but after reading these comments I think I will have to get stuck into this card making thing.

  25. Tracy says:

    I keep them and use them for cards… although when I double up on paper and have too many scraps I then give them away to other people who love getting my scraps.

  26. Dallas says:

    Keep them for cards and atc backgrounds but in saying that I have no system to storting them – All just jammed in plastic bags and I have to hunt when I want something

  27. Cindi says:

    Greetings, Most of the time, I actually make various sizes and types of cards with my scraps
    and bits of leftover bits. Collages are also fun to make with pieces of various sizes. Please enter me in your delightful contest. Many thanks, Cindi

  28. Dana says:

    hmm I wish I could say I kept them for cards, but I dont, they go in a plastic box “in case I need them” … the box is overflowing, last time it was empty was when i spilt a cup of coffee IN the box, GREAT guilt free way to empty it πŸ˜€

  29. TracyP says:

    oh yeah! I have a big file cabinet one of the ones with all the drawers, I have all my scraps colour filed, a different drawer for each colour, when ever I’m working on a LO which ever colours I’m working on, the drawers will be sitting on the desk too! They are great for paper piecing, titles, cuttlebug stuff, I don’t throw anything away!

  30. Teryl says:

    I save them for a rainy day. Silly really. I should get back into my card making as I have enough scraps to probably last me forever. New to your site and love it. Looking forward to seeing the new kit. Might have to treat myself!

  31. nina says:

    I keep my scraps in 4 12×12 transparent envelopes. They’re sorted generally according to color – reds/colorful, black and white/blue, browns, greens. I try to use up my scraps in cards, mini collages, and even layouts. I especially love savoring my favorite pieces of patterned paper which have repeating designs I can cut up time and again and add as instant embellishments. =)


  32. Gina says:

    I keep any scraps bigger that 2cm sq. Often co-ordinated with the project they originated from. I use them for cards, cuttlebug embelishments, and for the kids.

  33. Sam says:

    I have recently moved from an accordian file to 12 x 12 draws for my scraps. Since doing this I use them all the time for cards and layouts. But what I have noticed is that my kids use them all the time for school projects and title pages and my daughter has also starting making lots of cards for friends and family. The new system has really paid off. Sort of helps to keep the work space a bit tidier.

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