You 3 – Ann Mclachlan

OMG, my husband and my 10 year old stayed up until around 4.45am this morning watching the Olympic’s opening ceremony, and from all accounts it was a spectacular spectacular. I’m hoping to catch some re-runs later today. Well done if you managed to do the same – I wimped out and went to bed around the normal time (I was falling asleep at 11.00 reading to Laura, so figured I wouldn’t get very far).

Here’s another gorgeous layout from Ann. Love the layered flowers made from the October Afternoon Garden Path paper, and finished off with the gemstones. And cutting the frame from the Fruit Stand paper in the way Ann has is not only a pretty and effective way of using the paper, but economical too, meaning the large square cut from the middle can be used in other projects.

Happy Olympics watching.

Steph, Kate and Fi


2 Responses to You 3 – Ann Mclachlan

  1. gaye says:

    beautiful Ann!

  2. niella says:

    Love the flowers and the way they *P O P*!

    Cute photos and that title is so special:) I have a layout w/ that title too!

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