Ilka’s Memory Box

I just loved how fantastic and easy all the colours were to mix and match. I adore the fresh contemporary look of this. I reckon it’ll look great on Rainer’s desk at work
It’s for Rainer for Fathers Day – all the fav shots of Ronja and him from the holiday. Love how many photos you can add by simply adding another layer to the cube.
I decorated the lid running the green satin ribbon along and then covering it partly with a thin patterned paper strip. In real life it looks lovely against the shiny satin ribbon.
Decorated along the bottom of the cube using foamtape for added 3d effect.

5 Responses to Ilka’s Memory Box

  1. Nancy says:

    So neat. What a lovely thing for your man’s desk and so full of memories. Very well done.

  2. Sue says:

    Ilka, this is lovely. I so love the way you used the papers for the embellishments on the outside of the box. Cool!

  3. Danice says:

    This colour paper wouldnt’ve turned my eye usually, but seeing this box makes me think I might need the kit ! really neat Ilka

  4. Ann says:

    Just beautiful!!!

  5. kristine says:

    love this idea , the colours you have chosen are fabulous

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