Spring Clean water layouts

The lovely layout above, which encapsulates all that is good about summer, features Kate’s Isabella and Fi’s Ella at Long Bay Beach. The kit was aimed to reflect new Spring growth and sunny skies but translates beautifully into summer pages as well.

Continuing on with the water theme, but in an entirely different setting, is this charming layout from Annelie Maddock. Annelie has documented the bathtime schedule in her house, and has skilfully captured the enjoyment of the routine on this bright, fun page. (I’m so sorry Annelie – Kate is away for the weekend, and it was me who put the wrong name up. This is why they don’t let me loose too often. My sincere apologies – Steph)


4 Responses to Spring Clean water layouts

  1. janine says:

    I hate to be picky but I remember this layout in Sketchbook for the water layout and that was created by Annelie. I recognise her daughter T and also I remember asking if it looked okay using blue and green on a girly layout.

  2. Yes… It’s actually mine… šŸ™‚ But that’s OK, Beverley is an awesome scrapper and I don’t mind being confused with her…


  3. No problems Steph, we still love you!!!


  4. Jennie C says:

    awww what a cool LO, I love it!!! šŸ™‚

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