Friday Freebie – 3rd October 08

Hi all,

Please note the October Queen’s Garden kit is now sold out.

Welcome to another Friday, hooray for the weekend! In case you didn’t notice the Friday Freebies have been a bit sporadic around here and I’ve only been doing them fortnightly.

But we are back now weekly until Christmas with plenty of little giveaways coming your way!

So without further adieu, this week’s freebie is in honour of International Card Making day tomorrow.

I have a lovely little card making kit to send to somebody. It’s been put together by me and contains some of my favourite papers, some card stock, ribbon, rub ons and flowers. All you need to do is assemble with your own flair!

To be in to win this little card kit leave a comment by Sunday 8pm below telling me what is your most frequently given greeting card? Is it the obvious Birthday or do you often give Thank You, Thinking of You or other types of cards?

Have a great weekend!

Kate and the PP girls.


25 Responses to Friday Freebie – 3rd October 08

  1. I definately give Thank you cards away the most. I have a lot of great friends, and a lot to be thankful for!


  2. louise says:

    I’m thankyous too, although I often send cards to my friends just to let them know I’m thinking of them.

  3. Raewyn A says:

    Just like Annelie and Louise, I create Thank You cards more often than not. I only create a few special birthday cards each year.

  4. Mrs Frizz says:

    ‘Thinking of you’ or ‘just for you’ … are probably the ones that I use the most …

  5. Christine C says:

    Birthdays are my most often made cards hands down – then thank you cards.
    I love hand made cards – unfortunately most of my family are the “brought card” type so I don’t receive many hand made cards from them.
    But my scrappy friends make up for that lol.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win πŸ™‚

  6. scrappysue says:

    yep – it’s the obvious birithday card, although i’m about to make my hubs an anniversary card (our 24th) from the september kit – those 6 cards steph did are inspirational! have a great w/e everyone

  7. Vicki says:

    Definitely birthdays for me too although getting more into the “just cos” type cards.

  8. Trace Geworsky says:

    I could win the most boring comment
    Definetly send Happy Birthday cards out the most.

  9. bunny says:

    Definitely Thank Yous πŸ™‚

  10. Jennie C says:

    Hate to say it but I have never made cards before. But the most cards I send out is xmas cards…I was thinking about trying to make my cardc this year thou. lol

  11. Lisa M says:

    It seems that I most often make Thank you cards. If I don’t have an obvious Thank you to send I will make a reason. To thank a friend for a kind word or to my sister for the support she always gives me.

  12. Rachel says:

    I am hopless at remembering birthdays but can always whip somthing up for the thank yous!!! i really could work more on sending cards tho!!!! so thank you card are what i send out/giv the most!!!

  13. Lianne says:

    I haven’t made many cards … but thank you or just because kind of cards are what I’ve sent most of lately, then birthday cards.

  14. Rochelle says:

    I like making Christmas cards with friends around this time of the year or birthday cards are usually what I make they are so much more personal and I get a real kick at having made something special for someone myself rather than buying one at the shops.

  15. Sue says:

    Birthday cards! I am the only scrapper in the family at the moment and they all love me to make them a card. If I buy one they think I must have forgotten their birthday!

  16. Nancy says:

    Mmmmmm! Thinking, thinking!! Haven’t made many cards yet, but I’d say birthday and thank you would be the ones for me.

  17. chloe says:

    What a fantastic friday freebie! My most handed out cards are thank-you’s; with a little one we quite regularly give out gifts that I like to make a little thankyou card for!!

  18. kellie says:

    lately it’s been baby cards with lots of my friends pregnant or having just had babies.

  19. TracyP says:

    oooh I love to make cards! I must admit that Birthday cards are the most frequently given but my favourite to make are Invitations! I am currently in the process of making Halloween card invites! Too much fun!

  20. Penny says:

    hmmm I must say that this year it’s been sympathy cards! 😦

    But generally it’s birthdays.

  21. Bron Heslop says:

    I seem to have done a few ‘baby’ cards recently, but I’m also a ‘thanks’ girl. I did a good run on the Fathers Day cards… that was fun!

  22. Cindi says:

    Mine is “Friend” or “Thinking of You” cards!
    I send “Thinking of You” cards instead of Sympathy cards. Please enter me in your delightful
    card making kit. How fun! Thanks, Cindi

  23. Rachel says:

    I make birthday cards to give away the most (they are usually late though!!). Although I have started on my Christmas cards this year Woo Hoo πŸ™‚

  24. Dallas says:

    Mainly birthday cards althou I do like to send a card just for the sake of sending a card
    fantasic give away

  25. sandra says:

    Mainly birthday cards here, with 4 kids who go to a multitude of birthdays it doesn’t surprise me

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