Latte-Ilka Adam

Decorative edges are all the rage in scrapbooking and card making right now and Ilka has utilized this well with a holed and scalloped edge around her photo and a freestyle cut edge on the blue and brown paper which she has then inked.


7 Responses to Latte-Ilka Adam

  1. redoaklines says:

    stunning work! love the edge! 🙂


  2. Nancy says:

    This kit really suits you, Ilka!! Never has a latte looked so beautiful!

  3. Ilka says:

    Thanks Nancy and everyone!
    When I opened my box I was like Ohh and Ahh -ing, yummy shabby chique & vintagey and I just went with it O.o
    It was just a sheer pleasure to create with -due to the fab job the Paperpesto gals did! Thanks gals, you made it so easy!

  4. rowanz says:

    wow Ilka you are rockin the kazbah! am LOVING this LO!

  5. Dianna says:

    Hey this layout has coffee in at so its got to be good one of my favourite things. Agree with all of the above love what you have done with this kit.

  6. Ann says:

    ohhh, the butterfly is gorgeous!!!

  7. Erica Lasham says:

    Stunning layout, love the papers & the butterfly

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