Weekend Giveaway -15th Nov 08

I have two packets of American Crafts Jewelry Box Chipboard alpha stickers in silver and one packet of the Delish Christmas clear stickers to giveaway to 3 people.

I want to know if there is anything special you are preparing/doing for Christmas this year?  Leave a comment on this post by 9pm Sunday night and I’ll enter your name in the draw to win one of these little Christmas goodies.


Kate =)


32 Responses to Weekend Giveaway -15th Nov 08

  1. TracyP says:

    I think this year will be a sad Christmas, Hubby is going to America on Tuesday for good in preperation for the rest of us to move next year, so we won’t have him here for Christmas, I am however in the process of doing the Annual Chritmas pics of the kids, since it’s our last NZ Chritmas for a while I’m going to do some pics with our NZ Christmas tree!

  2. Vicki says:

    We have a list a mile long of all the family traditions that we do in our house but this year we will going all out with the outside lights around the house – got into a wee bit last year but this year is going to be a lot brighter! LOL

  3. fifiscrapz says:

    We like to have a drive around and see the Christmas lights and a church up the road from us has a drive through light show. As for christmas day another quite one as most of my family are overseas.

  4. Christine C says:

    Well I think this year we might have a picnic at the beach for dinner on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas day we will have our family over for brunch then we are going to my Brothers for a BBQ dinner, followed by the traditional game of cricket an if we get hot enough a swim.
    All in all a very relaxing day – just perfect.

  5. Kate Mills says:

    Well this year my hubby won’t be on the couch with a seriously broken leg. A year later and he is coming right. SO I’m preparing for an altogether better xmas and new year.

  6. kirsten evans says:

    Christmas in our house means spending time with the family. Every year for christmas the children get a small gift to unwrap and then we go away on a family holiday too places we have not seen before. Last year it was Christchurch and this year we are planning a trip to Northland.
    We get to make the most of after christmas sales and have a well deserved family holiday.

  7. heidi says:

    Last year we had the whole family over from South Africa / Isle of man / Australia – this year it’s just going to be the four of us, a nice quiet christmas which we can enjoy together

  8. gypsylcm says:

    Not exactly sure what Christmas Day will entail this year, but it will probably include a visit to a local cemetery (in remembrance of close family that have passed) , and before Christmas day arrives will be showing some support for the local Hospice Christmas Tree.

  9. scrappysue says:

    ooooooooooooooooo – yes please!!! just about to make some cards using this month’s kit – yay!

  10. Nancy says:

    Would love to see some of this alphas fliting my way! Christmas will be spent at the beach house. All our family live in the West Island so they will be coming to join us. Yipeee!! Can’t wait but of course I have to!!

  11. sandra says:

    We will be heading up to Napier to spend christmas with Hubby’s older girls. Our first christmas all together with the grandies as well

  12. Julie says:

    This will be our 3rd Christmas in NZ so we have lots of new family traditions – some of our fav ones are going to the temple lights, Christmas photos on the beach and going to a friends pool Christmas day for a swim 🙂 Would love to win these goodies – they would be perfect for my Christmas LO’s .

  13. chloe says:

    This year will be amazing for our family; we are off to switzerland to see some of my husbands relatives! Cant wait!

  14. dallasnz says:

    Was just talking with family & realising that it could be the last christmas with a few of the elder generation. I think this year we’ll make it a little extra special & take buckets of those special photos!

  15. Carol Rogers says:

    loves the thickers. Just started using them

  16. Michelle says:

    These look fab !!! We’re off to Aussie for Xmas with my parents so lots of swimming in their pool, lazing around said pool, and eating BBQ food beside said pool. Sunshine guaranteed – yeeha. It’s 2 years since I saw my folks for Xmas so we’re all very excited, and my children haven’t seen their grandparents new house – so they are counting down the days. I’m counting down until Dec 1 when we can put the tree up – my favourite part of the lead-up to Xmas.

  17. Jenny E says:

    We will have anything between fifteen and twenty-six people here so it could be fun!

  18. Lynda Clark says:

    Kirsten and I had a fun afternoon today making the christmas cake. The house smells lovely and means christmas is just around the corner. Its always a special time as the tin is the one my nana used for all her christmas cakes.

  19. Bron Heslop says:

    We’re off to my parents’ farm for the last family Christmas there before they move to Hawkes Bay in January…… and new adventures! 🙂

  20. heather leaf says:

    i hope to create heaps of stitchery and pencil on paper works for my loved one this year since i’ve been out of work and can’t afford to buy gifts. but i’m optimistic about my plans since my heart will be in them!

  21. Mrs Frizz says:

    Well at house … we have HEAPS of Christmas decorations – both inside and outside. Have moved house this year, so don’t quite know what the neighbours will think – time will tell!

  22. louise says:

    We will be making family Christmas decorations this year, it is the first time all the boys are old enough to make their own.

  23. Nicki says:

    We’re going to spend it with our family in – we were on our own last year and are looking forward to having more people around!

  24. Tracy le Roy says:

    Mmmmm, love those alphas! I am very excited to be having Christmas at our house this year; so will be getting a real tree, and I’ve been out decoration shopping. Will be a traditional Christmas lunch with ham, pav, trifle, and all the works. Can’t wait!!

  25. lynne1 says:

    We are playing by ear this year and just hoping to have one special grand dad still with us.
    I just can’t wait to see the smile on my kiddies face once santa has been

  26. Teryl says:

    We are heading to Australia to spend Chrissy with my husband’s family and our new niece. Yay, cuddles with a wee bub!!! So lots of lazy days at the beach, good food, good wine. Sounds perfect to me !!!!!

  27. gaye says:

    A christmas south with family..the first in a few years… will be fab to have us all together again for a few days!!

  28. kellie says:

    I’m about to make a Christmas Advent calender at my LSS and really looking forward to it. I hope to make some others next year as gifts.

  29. wendy says:

    This year the kids will finally have the advent calenders i have made for them – only 5 years in the making

  30. topkatnz says:

    ahhhhh…Christmas preparations!! we’ve still got a few family birthdays to go between now and then!!LOL but, the most important thing is my mum is coming home from overseas for Christmas!!HoHoHo!!

  31. Cindi says:

    Love your giveaway goodies! Actually, our family is staying home on Christmas Eve and enjoying family time. Just the four of us! Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  32. carol n says:

    It will be a quiet christmas here,we used to have all the family together but were all spread out , i really miss
    our family christmas time together

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