Cupcake card set – Heidi Barclay

The kits went out this morning and some of the Auckland and North Shore ladies may have theirs by now.

Here’s something neat to try when your kit does arrive.

Heidi who is this months guest designer has created 4 quick and simple cards using the cupcakes on the paper napkin and put some instructions together for us to make them too.


SET OF FOUR CARDS – using the Serviette (instructions)

List of what you need

1 x Serviette

Mod Podge (or other clear drying glue)

1 x White Bazzill Cardstock

Spare piece of Cardstock


Pink Cupcake Polka Dot Pattern Paper(PP)

Black Pen


Kindy Glitz

Foam Dots / squares


Cut the four cupcakes out of the serviette.

Place them on a spare piece of cardstock (use a light colour).

Brush some mod podge over them to glue them down.

Wait for them to dry and cut the shape out.

Cut 4 equal sizes from the Bazzill Cardstock, (6×4) and fold

in half.


Stick the cupcake directly on the white Bazzill, and cut out the bottom of the cupcake holder from the other cupcake pattern and adhere with a Foam Dot to raise it.  Add a little of beads to the white icing of the card to make it look like sprinkles.


Using the Pink Polka dot pp, cut it slightly smaller than the 4 x 3 size of the card, stick it down.  Take the cupcake and stick a little of the Pink “I Love you” ribbon onto to the bottom of the Cupcake holder.  Pop Dot the cupcake onto the PP, and add a little round die-cut with a thinner foam dot on top to make it look like a cherry. Add some Kindy glitz to the edge of the cupcake holder.


Using the Pink Polka dot pp, cut it slightly smaller than the 4 x 3 size of the card, and add the light green ribbon before you stick it down. Using Foam dots, pop dot the cup cake onto the PP and adding a little glue or mod podge onto the icing and sprinkle some beads over the icing to look like sprinkles. Add some Kindy glitz to the outside edge of the cupcake holder and write your message inside the cupcake holder.


Stick one of the cupcakes down directly onto the Card stock, add the Pink “I love you” ribbon on the bottom of the card, and then pop dot the 2nd one – placing is slightly over the 1st one. Add some dashes around the card, using your black pen and then write happy birthday on the top. Add some Kindy glitz to the stripes of the cupcake holder and the sweets on top of the cupcakes.

There you go, a different way to make 4 cards for those emergency birthday’s which you may have forgotten, and all using a serviette for a very unique birthday card.


5 Responses to Cupcake card set – Heidi Barclay

  1. Ann says:

    What a great way to use the serviette Heidi….very clever!

  2. Alison says:

    These cards are great, great idea to use the beads to look like sprinkles

  3. Hannah says:

    Yum, these look good enough to eat! 😉

  4. Lesley says:

    oh what yummy cards!

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