1 more & Goodbye – Ann McLachlan


This is my very last layout.

When my daughter was three she loved going to the park and going up and down on the slide.

When it was time to go home she would look at me with the cutest smile and say ..

“Just one more mum?”

That one would always turn into nine or ten.

This is also a goodbye from me, as Kate takes Paper Pesto in a new direction I am also moving on to other things.

I have been with Kate since Paper Pesto began and i want to say “Thank You” to Kate for everything that we have shared over the last ….Gosh! almost 2 years!

It has been an amazing experience and i thank you for that.

Kate i wish you all the best for your new venture, may it be all you want it to be and the first kit looks fantastic!

Thanks also to the wonderful ladies on the design team who have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the last 5 months.

Bye All

🙂 Ann


One Response to 1 more & Goodbye – Ann McLachlan

  1. Bron says:

    That’s such a lovely layout, Ann – I think any person who has had anything to do with small children knows that expression well!! Beautiful colours, too – really complement your photo.

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