Fiona wants an update

and because it is well overdue and also a well known fact that I live entirely to please my friend Fiona I thought I better indulge her.

So what have I been doing?

Well… tons actually,here’s a list of my top 5 things I have been doing this past month while absent from blog world.

1. Practicing my photography skills on my beautiful baby boy who is now 7 months old!!. See case in point:



2. Exploring my latest obsession (I have many of these that take over everything for weeks at a time -before this it was Cathy Zielske’s books) of coveting nearly every item in the Stampin’ Up! catalog. Gosh that stuff is gorgeous. I went to a workshop at my friend Bron’s house and she fell in love even more than I did and has just become a demonstrator. I’ve offered to host her first workshop here in 3 weeks time, can’t wait!

3. I’ve been baking with Sophia. This is something we love to do together in fact she asks me everyday if today is a baking day. In the last week we’ve made Stephs Coconut macaroons (to die for thankyou Steph!), several batches of chocolate chip cookies and mini choc cupcakes that we decorated with nests (piped icing around the outsite with MnM’s in the middle for the eggs).

4. I’ve been creative, making tons of cards, a cover for my journal, a tin for Bron to keep her cards in (to say thank you for the mountain of beautiful clothes she gave me for Cameron), scrapbook pages, and now a mini flip album to record Cam month by month is in the works.

Here’s some of the cards:


I’m actually selling this as a kit so if you’d like me to send you all the materials and instructions to make these then flick me an email. $10, bargain!

5. I had all my haircut off last week into a cute little pixie style. I love it and it’s made me put more attention into making myself look nice and not like I got dressed in the dark or haven’t showered for a week. LOL!


Dammit, Dave always takes photo’s when I have a mouth full of food, but hey you get the drift. This was taken at a picnic we had at Western Springs on Saturday. Man it was hot! Spring is on the way.

How was that Fi? Now it’s your turn.. what have you been doing? Since you don’t blog, you best pick up the phone, I’ll be sitting by it waiting for your call.

xx Kate


11 Responses to Fiona wants an update

  1. Hannah says:

    Well, although you wrote this just for Fiona, I really enjoyed reading it too! 🙂
    Cameron is more adorable than ever, what a great smile he has! And your haircut is totally CUTE! Love it. The cards are gorgeous as well, happy to hear that you have been so creative lately. Lovely to hear from you, Kate.

  2. fiona newth says:

    Better still I’ll pop in for a visit. Then I get to see your beautiful babies (Sophia is still your baby to me, don’t tell her I said that) Love the new hair cut. New kit looks lovely. Glad to hear that you now realize you “live entirely to please me”.

  3. fiona newth says:

    opps I forgot to give you a Xx

  4. Ann says:

    OMG…Cameron has grown so much!
    Love your new hairdo Kate, it really suits you.
    Hi Fi (waving)

  5. Sue says:

    Your photography is amazing, but then you did have the cutest of subjects! He is gorgeous!You are looking wonderful and sound happy! Enjoy it!

  6. Steph says:

    Hi Kate. What happened to Cameron? I mean, he’s gorgeous but isn’t he just a baby, not the cute little boy in the pictures above? Great photos, and the new haircut really suits.

  7. Linda says:

    Well that was well worth reading, now when i visit i can just enjoy the kids because i am all up to date.
    Cards are fabulous, Cameron devine as will be the girls i am sure.
    Hope we get the recipe posted for the macaroons.
    Look at all the replies Kate, we have missed you on the blog.

  8. bronheslop says:

    We sure have missed you, chick! (On here, anyway – I’ve loved seeing you more in person!!) Glad that Fi has that ‘magic touch’ to get you blogging again – I was a bit tired of that last post!!
    Your photos are amazing – what a gorgeous family!! xxoo 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    Lookin’ gooood Kate :o)

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