Latest craftiness

Just being around my friend Bron has inspired a whole new batch of creativity and I am loving it! I wish I could show you the tin I made her to keep her cards in but I was so thrilled to give it to her, I forgot to take a photo first! Maybe Bron will read this, snap one for me and email it through?

Anyway here are the results of this re-found enthusiasm of mine. I hope you like, most of the ideas are ‘cased’ from the Stampin’ Up Catalogue just without their stamps! My budget hasn’t stretched that far yet but I’m working on it =)


Fathers Day card for my Dad.


not sure who this is for yet, just felt like making it =)


thought this was a nice way to invite a friend for morning tea.


Birthday card for my mum using a leftover stamped flower that Bron gave me when she was here the other night putting together ‘swaps’. Yup that’s all I got. One stamped flower for 3 hours of my time. LOL just messing with ya chicky!



Made this cute box to put some jewelery in that I’ll get mum for her birthday. Getting a bit ahead of myself here making the box before I buy the present!

All the photos were taken in the last of the light streaming in my kitchen window which is why the colours are a little off and they all have that slightly radioactive glow!

Right that’s it. Goodnight =) I’m tired, I spoke too soon about Cam’s sleep issues being resolved. Will post the family dramas later in the week!

xx Kate


4 Responses to Latest craftiness

  1. Hannah says:

    Lovely cards, Kate!!
    Sorry about the family dramas … hope things settle down for you.

  2. bronheslop says:

    Hi Kate! Haven’t you been inspired?! I will take a picture of my gorgeous tin tomorrow, in the sunlight, and send it through. Thanks for all your help last Thursday….. cheeky thing!! 🙂

  3. Heidi says:

    Just gorgeous Kate,

  4. scrappysue says:

    great stuff kate! i love russian dolls, and i have that scallop border punch – it’s so versatile!

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