I have an 8 month old…

and boy do we all know about it right now! He is so frustrated trying to move but not quite getting there yet. He seems to be able to shuffle himself around in a circle on his bottom but we have no real forward movement yet. Cam is also loving standing and bouncing in your arms while flapping his wings as if that will help him take off! He can also stand unassisted at the couch or coffee table and the grin of achievement on his little face is just priceless!

Sophia is sick with a cough/cold right now but is in good spirits. For some reason her eyes(one in particular) get really green and gunky whenever she is sick. It’s like she has a cold in her eyes – can anyone shed some light on this? I’m planning on taking her to the doctor at some point soon to have her eyes tested as I think she may need glasses. She seems to be having a lot of trouble judging distance. For example I can’t even count the number of times she has missed the step and fallen up it, walked into a door handle or missed the coffee table with her cup or plate and it’s ended up on the floor.

We were told at Kindy yesterday that Sophia could start morning Kindy in a months time. I said “Oh no, really?, I am not ready for that!”

We just cruise here in the mornings right now – Isabella is the only one who needs to get ready to go anywhere and I just make her lunch and ship her out the door at 8.15 to walk to school with friends up the road. I can’t even fathom getting all of us organised to leave the house so that Sophia can be at kindy for 8.30. 8.30!! Who gets anywhere with 3 kids by 8.30? Well obviously a lot of people but I am not one of those =)

Isabella is doing well at School – only two more days of term yikes! I do enjoy not having to rush around in the holidays but she is hard work to keep entertained. It looks like Mum will take the girls to Waiheke for a few days in the first week and they’ll go to Waitomo to Dave’s parents for a few days in the second week so actually I am getting off pretty lightly!

Creatively I have been busy, I’m working on a layout and card kit to go up for sale on the website by the end of the week, so I’ll show some pics of that soon.

Bron very kindly took some photos of the tin I made her and emailed them to me so here they are:




Also I made a cute card with Bron for a School mum friend who had a baby a few weeks ago:

mums birthday 001

And this was the tag we made at the Stampin’ Up workshop I hosted last week

mums birthday 003

It was great fun – Bron was fabulous as a first time demonstrator and sales were so good I managed to score some extra goodies. Now we just have to wait for them to arrive, I can’t wait to get stuck into Christmas cards this year!

Wow,  long post! Guess that’s what happens when they are few and far between.

Take care and have a great week

xx Kate


9 Responses to I have an 8 month old…

  1. swewi says:

    LOL – hearing you on the 8 month old thing!!! 🙂 Elsa’s the same! I don’t know how people do ANYTHING with three kids, I can barely manage two! Good luck to you my friend.

    Loving the creative stuff, you are one clever cookie…

    Oh. and by the way – we SUCK at catching up! LOL

  2. Hannah says:

    I remember Ethan being like that at 8 months – he crawled at 9 months 😉 Sounds like Cam is finding a way to get around though, so hopefully he’s not toooo frustrated!
    I only have 2 kids and getting them both out the door at to school/Kindy on time is hard – that’s why I LOVE the holidays 🙂

    Beautiful creations, thank you so much for sharing them with us!!

  3. harbourgal says:

    Yay you have upated your bloggie! I guess no longer will you be allowed to stay in your jammies all morning :o). Cam is so adorable and cute – even when he is frustrated. I hope Sophia is feeling better soon!

  4. mandyb says:

    as for getting out of the house on time… as a nanny i used to pack bags night before, lay out clothes and pre make lunch (as much as possible) drink bottles etc…. then in morning… NO TV… get dresses…. then straight to breakfast.. then out door…. and sometimes…. bubbs still in their jammies.. and you not had breakfast…. takes practice but you will do it…

    as for that tin… love it ,it is stunning… and good on you for starting on cards for christmas… i have too…. before we know it, it will be christmas!!!!

    • Kate says:

      that is really good advice Mandy. I will definitely be trying to get as much as possible done the night before! I guess too bad if bubs is still in his jammies right?!

  5. bronheslop says:

    Hey Kate – great post! It is certainly busy getting children out the door in the morning, but if Sophia’s at morning kindy, and Cam’s asleep…. you can play!! Can’t wait for all our stuff to arrive tomorrow so we can play some more……. and I’m looking forward to seeing those kits! 🙂

  6. Penny says:

    LOVE the tin! And the cards too. I have that stamp set and love it.

    Hope Cam gets moving soon – fr his sake at least 😉
    Does Sophia have a blocked tear duct perhaps. Good idea about getting her eyes tested, particularly if she has problems judging distance. The earlier these things are done the better. We had Tim tested for strabismus (Rod had it) when he was quite little (like 2yrs). It’s amazing what they can do with such little kids.

  7. scrappysue says:

    i love those days when there’s nothing you need to get to kate – enjoy! i hope everyone is well for the holidays

  8. Hannah says:

    Oh, I just read Mandy’s advice about no TV in the mornings – definitely agree with that one!! I find my kids are much more co-operative if they haven’t been watching TV while eating breakfast, therefore dragging it out for as long as humanly possible, LOL!

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