About Us

Paper Pesto basically began like this….

With 3 lovely ladies named Kate, Steph and Fiona who in their crazy desire for the latest and yummiest paper products had been buying coordinated kits from overseas. This as you can imagine with foreign exchange rates and freight etc was very pricey and they often found that the kit was not entirely to their taste. It was not long after that it dawned on them. Why couldn’t we import gorgeous products, and assemble and distribute kits for fellow paper crafters here in  NZ?

Our First Kits were launched at SENZ in May 2007 and we have continued on strongly ever since. We aim to provide something different every month. We want to stretch your imaginations, help you grow creatively and encourage you to try something you may not have otherwise considered.

Paper Pesto is now run solely by Kate Tobeck, an avid scrapper and hoarder of ribbon, trinkets and other shiny things. Hubby Dave is on hand as ‘distribution co-coordinator’ and general lackey. Kate and Dave have almost 3 children, 2 girls aged 6 and 3 and a little boy on the way in January 09.

We also have a brilliant design team of lovely helpers who each month inspire with ideas of how to get the best out of our kits.

We love what we do and we hope you do too!

Enjoy our blog and visit our website to see our products.

Kate and Dave Tobeck

Paper Pesto.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Lisa Lewis says:

    Hi there,

    I would just like to know how often you do the sketch challenge? Can anyone enter? and when will the next one be?

    Thanks Lisa

  2. Michelle says:


    What is the Friday Freebie thing ? And do you have a newsletter ? And what is the Sketch Challenge ? Wow, that’s 3 questions in a row ! I love the sound of your kits 🙂


  3. paperpesto says:

    Hi Michelle

    Welcome to the Paper Pesto Blog. Our Friday Freebie giveaway takes place most Fridays, although not every Friday – keep an eye out for it. The Sketch Challenge is usually posted after we’ve released each month’s new collection – a “winner” of a small prize is drawn randomly, so we hope it’s a fun, non-threatening environment for people to have a go. We do have a newsletter – it’s a short, succinct monthly reminder that the latest kit is about to be released, and usually goes out around the 1st of the month. Please e-mail us as contactus@paperpesto.co.nz if you’d like to received it. Hope this answers your questions.

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