Tag #9

October 31, 2007

Hi Everybody

This tags word is BLISS. It was hard to chose something that is “bliss” to me because I am blessed. But the first thing that I thought of was me time. Ahhhh – me time. This would be great right now. As I write this I have four children trying to get ready for Trick or Treat (we have friends’ houses set up to go to). But first people are coming to our house shortly and it is not people ready – really not people ready. Then we are off to the Intermediate School’s “Battle of the Bands” competition.

Wish me luck with getting them up in the morning!

Thanks to all of you who joined in the tag word. I will draw a word for each new tag till I have used up all your words. Karen could you please email me your postal address ( fiona.newth@paperpesto.co.nz). Everyone else, I have your addresses. So keep your eyes peeled for the Postie.

Enjoy what life has to offer,




This was Kate’s word, so I asked her for a photo of a cup of coffee. Of course Dave had the perfect pic. Thanks Dave. I think journaling is clear enough to read.


Change Tag # 8

October 17, 2007

We must become the change we want to see.


There is still time to submit your word for a future tag. I would love to hear what word you would like. You know what… everyone who submits a word I will send you a little something because I love giving pressies (no I’m not desperate, I just love to give).




Isabella’s birthday

October 15, 2007

Yesterday we had a party for Isabella who turns 5 on Tuesday. All the grannies were there and it was a very enjoyable albeit rare family get together. I thought I’d share some pictures that Linda took, you may remember her from Scrap Pink, she’s Dave’s auntie.

isabellas-5th-birthday-003.jpg isabellas-5th-birthday-022.jpg isabellas-5th-birthday-018.jpg isabellas-5th-birthday-043.jpg isabellas-5th-birthday-028.jpg

She starts school on Wednesday. I can’t quite believe it, but she’s so ready. I just wish I was!

Have a great week everyone,

xx Kate.

Tags by Leila

October 12, 2007

In a follow up to Fi’s post from yesterday, Leila Norton has kindly shared with us a couple of tags made as part of Fi’s design challenge. I love how Leila has used a picture of her Grandmother on her Inspire tag:



Thanks for sharing Leila.

Believe – tag # 7

October 11, 2007

The word for tag # 7 is “Believe”. This could be something you believe in, or believing in someones ability to achieve something (this could be you). On my tag I have put “Believe in yourself”. I was thinking this would be a great title for one of the children. BUT then I think it is about time I did a page on me. This would be my first. This is a invite to you all of you to do the same. Yep, a page with you as the focus.


For one of the future tags I want to use a word from one of you. So post a comment with your word and I will put them all into a hat and draw the winning one. If your word is drawn I will post you a little something (I learnt this trick from Kate).

Also please share your tags with us. Yes you. Leila can’t be the only brave one out there. I got to see Leila’s tags at Scrap Pink – they are stunning, she is a technique queen. I keep saying, “How did you do this?”



Believe in yourself.

You can do it.



October 2, 2007

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy blog, so a lot of the Scrap Pink event has already been covered. But we do have some of the photos of Scrap Pink day to show you:


Kelly taking her gorgeous ‘Living doll’ layout class.


Ilka’s sweet little matchbook make ‘n take class.


Ann- who, would you believe, was very nervous but did an incredible job teaching! We are so proud of you Ann!


Hannah teaching the sweetest little magnetic frame for the fridge class!


Isabella (Kate’s oldest daughter) hard at work. Little chip off the old block she is, she had such a wonderful day!


And last, but not least, our faithful coffee maker taking a much needed break! Thanks Dave, you’re the best!

Fi, Steph and Kate.

Scrap Pink Cupcakes

October 1, 2007

Hi everyone

I was talking to Fi this morning and she said my cupcake recipe had been asked for. Well, here’s my secret – I cheat. I did actually bake them from scratch last weekend but wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. Oh, they were completely edible, and eat them we did (they’d have to be really bad for me not to eat a cake), but I wanted them to be better. So I resorted to my favourite stand-by (and saviour of cake stalls everywhere) – Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Cake packet mix. Instead of making it up as a cake I put the mixture in cupcake paper patty cases and baked them for about 12 – 14 minutes. My beautiful and gifted assistant, 12 year old Miss Holly, then decorated the cakes for me. We made the icing and she cut the marshmallows with scissors. A friend had recently sent me a picture of some similar cupcakes and I thought it’d be fun to do for Scrap Pink, so Holly and I hope those attending enjoyed them.